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Creative writing competition will be held on 8th of May 2017.

On the spot poster, making competition will be held on 10th of May 2017.

Summer Vacations holidays will commence from 13th of May 2017 to 2nd of July 2017 (both days inclusive. The school will reopen on 3rd of July 2017.

Extra classes for class X & XII will be held from 27th of June 2017 to 01st of July 2017 at Prep School. All students must attend extra classes because syllabus will be covered by the teachers and will not be repeated.

Students will come in school uniform and with their own conveyance.

Wall Magazine will be prepared during these days. House Masters & House Tutors will look after the discipline of those students who come to prepare the wall magazine. Wall Magazine will be put up on 5th of July 2017 in the allotted periods at Main School.

The School Director/Principal will be not be available from 14th of May to 23th of May 2017. The Prep school office shall remain open during the holidays but Main School office will be closed.

Latest News

It is a matter of great pride that our School Director Mrs. A. Sidhu was awarded as one of the ‘most effective principals of 2016’ by Alert Knowledge Services at New Delhi on the 31st of January 2017.

The school director Mrs. A. Sidhu held a meeting on the eve of session 2017-18 and emphasized the following points. 1. Tuitions are strictly prohibited for teachers. 2. No partiality amongst the students 3. Maintain the decorum between students and Teacher. 4. Cell phones are not allowed in school premises.

The school shall remain closed for all students every Saturday. However, teachers will report for half day except 2nd Saturday.

It is a matter of great pride that the school director Mrs. A. Sidhu was honoured with the Shiksha Bharti Award given by the Achievers Forum.

The school shall remain closed on 14th of April on account of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Jayanti.

House meetings will be held on 28th of April 2017.

Interview/Registration for class XI Science and Commerce for DMPS students will be held on 11th and 12th of April at Main School from 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon and for new entrants, entrance test on 13th or 19th of April, 2017. Parents must accompany their children/wards.

Classes for class XI will start from 24th April, 2017.


Children who are picked and dropped to the school by their parents/rickshaws/drivers etc. must pic them up within 20-25 minutes after dispersal, thereafter the school staff/teacher will not be responsible. Children are kept waiting even from over an hour. Moreover,parents are late to pick up their children and are extremely rude to the office staff. This will not be tolerated.

Parents must not allow their children to carry mobile phones,pagers,tablets etc. to school. If found, they will be confiscated and a fine of Rs. 100/- will be imposed.

It is matter of great pride that our School director Mrs. A. Sidhu was awarded the Best Educationist award for outstanding achievements in the filed of Education by the International Institute of Education & Management at Delhi on the 30th of September 2016. She was also honoured with National Mahila Ratan Gold medal award.

Parents must be strict their wards' attending the school regularly(especially IX-XII) and also complete their assignments on time. 75% attendance is mandatory to appear in the Board Examination. The Board has clearly defined that a student may be debarred from appearing in the examination for misconduct and shortage of attendance. All students have been given home assignments for summer vacations. Parents must supervise that their ward(s) complete their home assignments.

For Assessment tests and examinations, please refer to the calendar in the students' diary. Class XII will have a separate examination schedule.

Parents co-operation is expected for maintaining discipline in the school. Any child breaking rules will be suspended.

Parents are requested not to switch of their phones as they will get information through SMS regarding any important matter connected with the school or their ward/wards

Registration for New Admission for Nursery to Class IX will begin from 5th of Jan. 2017. Registration forms will be available at the fee counter at Prep School, Jail Road, Raebareli from 09:30 to 12:30 pm.

The school Director Mrs. A. Sidhu held a meeting on the first day after winter break and emphasized on quality of education. The teacher must maintain the decorum within the school amongst themselves and students.

XSEED books will be applied from class I to V. The functioning and way of teaching will be observed by XSEED in each class after 40 days throughout the year. XSEED will also conduct a seminar regarding the procedure of implementation at the beginning.

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